Institute of European Studies

Institute of European Studies

MJES Vol.2 No.1-2


Chapter 1- The Relationship Between Turkey and Community

Chapter 2- The Ankara Agreement: Principles and Interpretation

Chapter 3- Political and Constitutional Issues

Chapter 4- Institutional Issues

Chapter 5- European Constitutional Law

Chapter 6- Economic Issues: General

Chapter 7- Free Movement of Goods: Internal Trade

Chapter 8- Free Movement of Goods: External Trade

 Chapter 9- Effects of Customs Union

 Chapter 10-  Freedom of Movement of Persons

Chapter 11- Right of Establishment: Corporate Bodies

Chapter 12- Freedom to Provide Services

 Chapter 13- Freedom of Movement of Capital

Chapter 14- Taxation Policy

Chapter 15- Common Agricultural Policy

Chapter 16- Common Fisheries Policy

Chapter 17- Common Transport Policy

Chapter 18- Competition Policy

Chapter 19- State Aids

Chapter 20- Intellectual Property

Chapter 21- Environmental Protection

Chapter 22- Consumer Protection

Chapter 23- Energy Policy

Chapter 24- Accession to ECSC and EURATOM Communities

Chapter 25- Access to Community Finance