Institute of European Studies

Institute of European Studies

MJES Vol.26 No.1

Introduction: Brexit: We’ll Cross that Bridge When We Come to It

Rana İzci Connelly and James Connelly

• The British General Election 2017: It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Eunice Goes

Not Another Thing: Four Referendums and a Brexit Vote

James Connelly

From Technocratic Pragmatism to the Developmental Market: Conceptualising the Politics of Brexit in Terms of the Rivalry of Two Different Political Economies

Simon Lee

On the Agenda? The Multiple Streams of Brexit-Era UK Climate Policy

Jeremy F. G. Moulton and James Silverwood

The Impact of Brexit on Security and Defence Multilateralism: More Cooperation or Overlapping Interests?

Ana Isabel Xavier

Brexit and the Fight against Human Trafficking: Actual Situation and Future Uncertainty

Matilde Ventrella

A Catharsis of the United Kingdom’s Political and Economic Landscape: Post Brexit

Ben Duke

Germany: How to Manage Brexit While Trying to Safeguard European Integration

Rüdiger K.W. Wurzel

Book Review

Drifting Away: Underlying Currents of Brexit 

Rana İzci Connelly