European Union Law Department

European Law Department offers post-graduate degree programmes at the Master’s (M.A) and Ph.D levels. The M.A. programme encompasses an exciting array of exclusive events including lectures, seminars, conferences, methodology studies, court simulations and social events. The programme ranges from theoretical understaning of European Community Law to practical issues of advocacy in both public and private law. Among the courses are specific branches of European Community Law and private law. Therefore, students holding a practising lawyer status may develop their skills of handling legal matters in private law and European Community Law. The programme is remarkable because of its feature that comnines well equipped courses of public law of the EC including law of institutions, constitutional law, human rights law, administrative law, judicial review of the EU law and external relations law.

This programme is designed for students who graduated from a law school, professionals, already working as a legal consultant or advocate willing to broaden their knowledge of European Community Law and private law, graduates of schools of law working for non-governmental organisations and government, Academic Staff willing to broaden their theoretical and practical understanding of European Community Law.

The students submit papers or sit exams to pass each of the courses. The courses are either in seminar or lecture from depending on the subject and choice of each instructor. At the end of the spring term a European Court simulation study is put forth by the department and students try to simulate the European Court of Justice concentrating an update issue o European Community Law.

The PhD programme is designed as a two stage – programme.  At the first stage students are required to take courses of European Community Law offered by the Institute. The second stage is the submission of a PhD thesis that starts by the end of the first stage. Students are expected to write thesis on various update research questions of Community Law.

021 - 2022 Fall Term Syllabus

Law and Institutions of the EU

Judicial Review in European Law

EU Competition Law

Freedom of Movement in the EU Law

Turkey - EU Relations I

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