Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Jean Monnet Centers of Excellence are set up under the Jean Monnet Project sponsored by the European Commission. The Jean Monnet Project is aimed at universities and other higher education establishments (whose university level status is recognised by the national authorities) in the member states of the European Union and beyond. The Jean Monnet Project aims to contribute to an improved knowledge, research and dissemination of information on the issues relating to the construction of Europe by awarding grants to academic institutes. The overall aim is to facilitate the introduction of European integration studies in universities by means of start-up subsidies.

The Jean Monnet Project responds to the need for knowledge about European integration and gives greater visibility, at both international and national levels, to scientific resources and academic activities in the field of European integration and European Union Developments. It targets social science disciplines such as Community law, European economic integration, European political integration and the history of the European construction process.

The Jean Monnet European Centers of Excellence are building a framework specializing in European integration and sharing scientific, human and documentary resources for European integration studies and research within one or more universities. European Centers of Excellence project was launched by the European Commission to allow universities to concentrate their resources in the field of European Integration and to develop activities both within the universities and at a regional level.

Institute of European Studies is one of a small number centers of excellence throughout Europe intended to support the teaching and learning of 'European integration' in universities and other higher education establishments. It was granted the status of Center of Excellence in 2005. The Centre seeks to raise awareness of European matters in Turkey and fosters education and research in this area by providing teaching, expertise and publishing. The Institute engages in the following EU-related activities as part of its status as Jean Monnet Center of Excellence:

Postgraduate education at Masters and Doctorate level in the field of European studies encompassing EU law, EU politics and international relations, and EU economics;

Research and projects in this field;

Organization of conferences with the aim of providing a forum of discussion and information to the academic world;

Commemorating the May 9th Europe day;

Publishing originial scientifc work through occasional papers and biannual journal titled Marmara Journal of European Studies;

Managing the secretariat of TUNAECS-Turkish University Association in European Integration Studies and coordinating other centers, universities and academics specialized in European studies;

Contributing to the dissemination of information on the EU by way of its EU documentation center;

Collaborating with municipalities and nongovernmental organizations to inform the general public about developments in the EU and Turkey-EU relations by organizing conferences and meetings.

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