Message from the Director



The European integration has become a sui-generis phenomenon for more than half a century. As a part of Europe, Turkey not only observed the developments at European arena, but also tried to assume its role within this integration process. It is vitally important to scrutinize such a significant process.  

In order to meet the need for the scrutinization of this process, the European Community Insititute was founded in 1987 following the membership application of Turkey to the then European Community. The institute works for achieving this objective for more than 20 years.  

The Institute of European Studies helps to satisfy the need for EU specialists in the areas of EU law, EU economics and EU politics and international relations. The institute functions as an important tool for making the public conscious of the EU related issues as well. Moreover, the European Union Institute also contributes to the academic fields by issuing the peer-reviewed Marmara Journal of European Studies for more than 15 years.

Regardless of Turkey's EU membership, the Institute of European Studies will accurately and neutrally analyze the European Integration process and will continue to assume its role in providing specialists in the EU related areas.


Prof. Dr. Muzaffer DARTAN
Director of the European Union Institute

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