The Institute of European Studies was founded to conduct post-graduate education and research in EC affairs on April 14, 1987, two months after Turkey's membership application to the European Community. The Institute is the first academic institution established in Turkey with a focus on European Studies.

The Institute aims at supporting Turkey's integration process into the European Union through comprehensive research and teaching. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of European Studies, the Institute offers MA and PhD programmes in three sub-disciplines: "European Politics and International Relations", "European  Economics" , "European Law" and "Political Communication in Europe".

The Institute has engaged in close cooperation with various universities and think tanks from all over the world. It has conducted various projects in collaboration with the European Commission and within the framework of the research fund of Marmara University. The Institute has been awarded the title, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. It holds a Jean Monnet Chair, and, it has a significant number of Jean Monnet Permanent Courses.  

Hosting 'European Documentation Unit' and 'European Union Information Center', the Institute provides the best possible service to our visitors and students. The Institute also coordinates the activities of the Turkish University Association for European Community Studies (TUNAECS) which is a member of the European Community Studies Association (ECSA)

The Institute also publishes the peer-reviewed bi-annual, Marmara Journal of European Studies in two languages. The Journal is the first academic periodical published in Turkey in the field of European Studies. The working language of the Institute is English.


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