Department of European Union Economics and Business

Department of European Economics and Management offers post-graduate degree programmes at the Master’s (MA) and Ph.D levels. The department aims to provide opportunities for applicants to learn about recent developments in the European Economy, European Economic Integration and the European Union.

Important course topics at the departmet of EU Economics include: Policy Making in the EU, Economic and Monetary Union, Banking Application and Capital Markets in the EU, Economic Policies of the EU, Orgins and Developments of European Integration, European Economic Integration, Industrial Economics and Industrial Policy of the EU, Applied Econometrics,  Political Aspects of EU - Turkey relations.

The working language of the post-graduate programmes at the department is English. Master’s students are expected to take nine courses whereas Ph.D students are required to take seven courses in their first year. All students are expected to submit their Master’s and Ph.D dissertations within the time range set by the Institute. Under normal conditions, this is one year for Master’s students and three years for Ph.D students. Ph.D students are also supposed to pass a Ph.D proficiency exam before starting to write their dissertations.

2021 - 2022 Fall Term Syllabus

Economic and Monetary Union

European Integration

Intercultural Management in the EU

Law and Institutions of the EU

Turkey - EU Relations I


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