İstanbul Stock Market Visit


Students of the Department of EU Economics at the Institute of the European Union, Assoc. Dr. They made a visit to Borsa Istanbul with Imre Ersoy. Our students attended the conference titled “Financiers of the Future Meet in Borsa Istanbul” organized by Borsa İstanbul's Financial Literacy and Access Association (FODER). The opening ceremony of the conference was made by Özlem Denizmen, the founding chairman of FODER, after the "welcome" speech of Borsa İstanbul Deputy General Manager. Later, FODER Vice President Atilla Köksal made a presentation introducing Borsa Istanbul and Capital Markets. In his speech, Köksal focused on Capital Markets, opportunities to work in Capital Markets and the place of Borsa İstanbul in the World Stock Exchanges. The trip ended with the visit of the Borsa Istanbul Processing Center and the hall where Gong Ceremonies were held after the conference.

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