Emile Noel Working Papers (ENWP)



In memories of Emile Noel, The European Research and Documentation Unit of Marmara University has given Emile Noel's name to its working paper.

Emile Noel who was as an adjunt professor at the European Union Institute of Marmara University had always been a great value for the Euroepan Integration Process and European Studies. He was holder of many positions at various European institutions. In 1968, when the three Communities, Euratom, Coal and Steel Community and Common Market were merged into one, Emile Noel was appointed as Secretary General of European Communities until his retirement in 1987. After his retirement, he became President of the European University Institute in Florence until 1996 and then, Emile Noel came to Istanbul where he was born. 

Since January 2008, The Centre publishes the Emile Noel Working Papers in online format (PDF). Emile Noel Working Papers intends to provide comprehensive studies and awareness on current issues of the European Union in the fields of law, politics and economics. Views expressed in ENWP represent exclusively the positions of the authors and do not necessarily correspond to those of the European Union Institute.

Responses of Turkish University Youth to the Cartoons Crisis.Finding the Right Response
ENWP - No: 1, January 2008

by Deniz Ilgaz 

What Drives CAP Reform? A Policy Paradigm Analysis
ENWP - No: 2, February 2009

by Evren Güldoğan

Global Crisis: What Happened to the New Member States?
ENWP - No: 3, February 2012

by Efehan Danışman

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