Health System in Germany and its Effects on People in the Example of the European Union

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At the conference Professor Dr. Hüseyin Nazlıkul comparatively discussed the history and current practices of different health systems implemented in European Union countries. In addition to talking about the functioning of the German healthcare system, he emphasized the high level of patient satisfaction with healthcare. He explained that medical education in Germany is appreciated not only in EU countries but also all over the world by using statistical data.

Professor Dr. Nazlıkul also talked about the sovereignty of multinational pharmaceutical companies in the field of alternative medicine and health, and the drawbacks of this situation. He stated that the human body's immune system is resistant to all kinds of diseases in its natural state, but it becomes weak due to the wrong use of drugs.

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Nazlıkul talked about the importance and structural features of the intestinal system which he described as the ‘’second brain’’. He pointed out the discomfort and diseases that may be caused by deterioration in the intestinal flora. He emphasized the importance of a balanced and healthy diet.

The conference ended with Professor Dr. Muzaffer Dartan, Director of the Institute of European Studies, presenting a plaque to Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Nazlıkul.

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