The Importance of Political Participation for Democracy within the scope of the Women and Youth Rights project in the European Union: Democratic Participation of Youth / Prof. Dr. Serhat Güvenç

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The seminar titled “The Importance of Political Participation for Democracy: Democratic Participation of Youth” in the scope of the "Women and Youth Rights in the European Union" project was hosted by our institute on 24 October. At the beginning of the seminar, Müjgân Suver, Head of the EU and Human Rights Platform, gave brief information about the project. As a guest speaker, Serhat Güvenç, Professor of International Relations at Kadir Has University, started talking about Turkey’s democratization process and mechanisms of participation in democracy through his own experiences. After emphasizing the importance of young people’s political participation, in particular, Prof. Güvenç shared examples and mechanisms with the participants to encourage their political participation. Furthermore, he underlined the value of civil society initiatives in strengthening democratic participation, so he encouraged young people to participate in civil society activities, as well. The seminar ended after the Q&A session.

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